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Truck disposals and removals are what you can expect from Truck Wreckers R US. It does not matter if your truck is in working condition or stationed as junk in your garage. Moreover, if you are worried about the model or make of your truck, you do not have to fret. Our removal team will remove any truck for free. And guess what? You will receive instant cash at the site of the deal. Speaking of which, before we bring your junk truck to the wrecking ground and yard, we will pay you up to $20,000 in hand.

Hesitating to call us upfront? Well, know that we are a licensed truck wrecker and auto buyer with ample years of experience in the auto industry.

We Pay For Old Trucks

At Truck Wreckers R US, we make it easy and accessible for you to get rid of unwanted, used, and junk trucks. Our removal and wrecking services are entirely free and only need you to contact our team with some details about the vehicle or truck. Once we know the specifics, such as the model, make, condition, and age of your truck, we will provide you with a cash offer in our pre-quotation.

It is essential to know that our team will visit any location and site in Melbourne to tow your unwanted truck. However, before we set off, you will have your cash with you with ample space in your garage.

Unwanted Truck Removals For Instant Cash

If you are planning to sell your vehicle through traditional means and methods, you will face several problems. Here, at Truck Wreckers R US, you won’t have any issues. With us, you will not have to wait for any client or buyer. We will determine the cost of the truck and offer you a quote instantly. And, if you get in touch with us this morning, we will have our team reach out to your site this afternoon itself. All you have to provide our team is a photo ID and the ownership proof of the truck.

We accept vehicles that are damaged, totalled, old, used, and so on. One should know that the truck’s condition does not matter. You simply have to let us know if you would like to get a cash offer from our end. And, if it sounds good to you, we will have the truck removed through our free truck removal services.

Best Unwanted Truck Wreckers

When it comes to our truck wrecker services, we are the best in the industry. Not only do we buy and accept all your trucks, but we also dispose of all truck types, following an Eco-friendly process. Here are some of the brands we cater to with our wrecker services.

  • Iveco Truck Wreckers
  • Hilino Truck Wreckers
  • Mitsubishi Truck Wrecker
  • Isuzu Truck Wreckers
  • Kenworth Truck Wreckers
  • Volvo Truck Wreckers
  • Mercedes Truck Wreckers
  • Mack Truck Wreckers
  • Fuso Truck Wreckers
  • Scania Truck Wreckers
  • UD Truck Wreckers

Being the top truck wreckers in Melbourne, we will buy your unwanted truck and recycle all the unwanted parts along with the truck’s metal. After we have drained the truck fluids, we will move on to the recycling process, allowing the metal parts to form new ones, ready to resell and reuse. If you are one of the nature enthusiasts or simply a citizen of this world, know that we do not harm the environment by affecting it through recycling methods. We follow a green process and pay $20,000 cash straightforwardly.

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Are you looking for instant and fast cash? Are you someone who has been searching for truck wreckers around on Google? If that is the case, you have come to the right website. We are a team of recyclers, wreckers, and removal experts who can buy your junk parts or unwanted trucks from the garage and pay you a handsome amount upfront without making your travel anywhere across Melbourne. So, do not hesitate before calling for our services. Besides, we can buy a truck of any condition.

You simply have to reach out through the contact information mentioned on our website or fill a form for a Free Quote.

Brands We Regularly Service

Hino | Iveco | Isuzu | Kenworth | Mack | Mercedes | Scania | Fuso | UD | Volvo | Mitsubishi

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